About Us

Ms. Clara's Place has been a labor of love for many years. The idea came to me when my mom suffered complications from rheumatoid arthritis(R.A), an auto-immune disease that can wreck your joints and skin. Not long after, she was diagnosed with cancer and the chemotherapy made a difficult situation much more complex.  I researched soaps and lotions that my mother might be able to use and what I found was very troubling. There just were not many alternatives to the chemical heavy bath products we use every day!

After many trials and errors, I finally found a way to make nice smelling bath products, not loaded with harmful ingredients, that my mom could use. As my formulas for my soap and lotion were finalized into a product I wanted to share, the unthinkable happened. My mom, the original Ms. Clara, passed away. Ms. Clara's Place nearly passed with her. 

But life has a funny way of bringing us back to things we left behind. You see, rheumatoid arthritis was not yet done with my family. This time, I would be struggling to find products for myself. But unlike with my mother's situation, I was better prepared. So I dusted off my spatula and began testing essential oils and natural ingredients. And with Ms. Clara smiling down on me, I began making the products I am proud to sell today. 

Ms. Clara's products are truly made with love as my granddaughter is my production assistant and  in charge of scent research. My daughters help with products and web design. And last but certainly not least, my husband hauls Ms. Clara's Place to craft shows and makes specialty utensils so I can continue to make products I love even when R.A. has other ideas. 

So from all of my family, we hope you enjoy our products!


This is the original Ms. Clara on her 70th birthday.